Creative Architectural Studio Gromov&Paltsev was founded in 1991 by the Moscow architects Gromov V. E. and Paltsev V. F.  During the existence of the Studio many objects of various functional purposes were constructed in Moscow and Moscow region based on our projects. We also developed projects for Sochi, Magnitogorsk, Bryansk. We have vast experience of design in the cramped conditions of the central areas of the city. We can be characterized by a creative approach to design and optimization of design solutions within technical specifications for objects of any complexity. All objects created by us are unique and special, each of them has its remarkable image and structure.

Тhe Studio produced most of the objects as a General Project Designer. A specific system of project materials release is developed for each stage of designing, which guarantees the quality of our work. While creating an object even at the stage of conceptual design, we aim to see this object implemented, and we are able to make our decisions a reality. At the stage of Design Documentation our Studio recruits all the necessary specialists for the production of all documentation required. The organization of the design process at the stage of Detailed Project Documentation allows us to vary the sequence of the release of the sections, which helps to reduce the construction time by coordinating it with the preparation of the required materials. We provide Project support in the examinations and approvals and supervision from excavation to finishing of buildings and structures.

The Studio Gromov&Paltsev is the author of more than 100 projects and 50 buildings, including public buildings, large residential, multifunctional and office complexes, church buildings, medical centers, private residences etc.
Projects and buildings of our architectural Studio are nominees and winners of various architectural contests and also awarded diplomas at exhibitions and conferences in the field of architecture and real estate.

There are lots of companies among our Customers: the Bolshoi Theatre, the City XXI Vek, the Department of Construction of Moscow, Interregional Finance Corporation GRAS (ZAO IFC GRAS), Moscow United Energy Company (MOEK) etc.

A clear and understandable plan for project development and the experience of our development team ensure quality and observance of terms. Our leading experts have been working with us for more than 10 years, and they are proud of it. At the moment 11 architects and 6 designers work at the Studio. Studio Leaders are Paltsev Vladimir Fedorovich and Paltsev Aleksey Vladimirovich, graduates of the Moscow Architectural Institute in two generations.